Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Alice in Wonderland Room

Back in March of this year I built a small clock with two rooms in that light up. It was the souvenir kit from the Micro Mini Convention. I have slowly been planning what to put in the room boxes and finally decided upon an Alice in Wonderland theme. The first room is the hallway that she lands in after falling down the rabbit hole. With large doors and then one small door. On the glass table is a bottle with a label saying drink me.

Here is the empty room box.

A bit of wallpaper and some larger scale floor paper and its a room.

I cut up a 48th scale door to make two bottom halves for the larger doors. The small door is 144th scale.

I then used a 48th scale glass table kit from Karen Carys Miniatures. The bottle is also 48th scale.
I added a drink me label (easier said than done!!!)

Then I slotted the room box back into the clock, and switched on the lights.

A close up of the room with the lights on.

The 2nd room to go underneath I am thinking will be the white rabbits house and an over sized Alice - some more planning is needed for that one!


Liesl Kleu said...

You clever thing! What a lovely idea, that room in the movie is my altime favourite scene - I remember thinking at the time that it would make a lovely miniature scene, and here you've pipped me to the post!!!

The Pin Factory said...

ha ha that has made me laugh Liesl because it is always my favourite scene in the films too. I was fairly limited with what I could fit into the tiny room box. It might be fun to make a slightly bigger one with a lot more detail sometime.
Claire x

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hey looking lovely! Nearly there!
Joey xxx

Clara said...

¡Es muy buena idea! Vas a hacer una pelicula con varias escenas, es increible tu imaginación. espero siguiente rodaje :)
Besos Clara

Anji* said...

Oh wow! I just found you via Joey and this clock with rooms is amazing! I can't wait to see the other room when you've done it.. we are a bit Alice mad at the moment :)

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I love this little room, it turned out just perfect. :)
I also had a look at some of your older posts, your tiny work is beautiful!
Maia (from Micro Minis)

The Pin Factory said...

Clara - Muchas gracias, una película sería genial!

Joey - Very nearly there it is in my head it just needs to come out now!

Anji - I have always had a thing for Alice theres just something wonderful about it all isn't there?

Maia - Thank you for the compliment! I have to say I am always in total awe at the work of the Micro Minis group!

hugs Claire x

Louise Elizabeth. Textile Designs ♥ said...

Beautiful Claire - I look forward to seeing more :)

Sandra from Sydney said...

I've just found this while looking at your Pickett Hill posts - what a clever idea, so creative and as always beautifully executed.