Saturday, 4 September 2010

French Flower and Gift Shop

I bought the entire French Row in 144th scale from Judith at In Some Small Way last Christmas because I loved it so very much. As I have said before it has taken me quite sometime to pluck up the courage to start it. I have begun with the Flower and Gift Shop 'Fleurs Cadeaux' as it is the smallest and easiest of the structures. I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this little kit and am barely containing myself to not jump straight into the next one. Everything is just so very perfect and goes together so beautifully. The little shingles paper is absolutely darling and the interior wallpaper is so incredibly pretty that I wallpapered the ceiling too! The original four buildings are done in varying sienna/dusky pink shades and stained woodwork, but for sometime I have been really taken with the yellow and blues shades that you see together in France so I was inspired to go with that colour scheme and have to say I am really pleased with it. Anyway roll on the photographs!

Here is the little shop on its own from the front.

Then round to the side.

And a peek into the insides. I wanted the front door to look like it was glass so I popped out the middles of both the inside and outside door pieces. Lots of beautiful vases and pots for sale on the shelves. I also changed the floor paper to the black and white tile that I am so fond of.
I then built the flower shelves and decided to paint them black in the pretence that they are very old and possibly cast iron!
The counter I painted white. The wall planters are up on the walls and full of plants.
Here is the flower shelf full of flowers in pots of water ready to buy.
As I always seem to forget to add something for scale I popped my ring off and placed it next to the stand so you can see.

Again for scale here is the shop counter on an English ten pence piece. There is a little till, a few pots and of course pretty paper for wrapping around the bunches of flowers.

Here is the shop full of flowers and plants. Seeing as its going to be such a lovely day I have put some flower pots out onto the back pavement too.
The finished counter and till in the shop.
I thought a nice comfy cushion was needed on the rocking chair.
Flowers of all sorts of sizes and colours are for sale.
Now for the outside. There is a lovely old creeper growing up the left hand wall, and of course more flowers for sale outside the front on the pavement.
I love peeping in through the window and seeing a glimpse of the black and white floor.

There are three unpainted gaps on the pavement (which I haven't shown you) that are waiting for the other three buildings. So at some point I will be adding the bakers, the cafe and the Bed and Breakfast to the street and of course some trees.


Clara said...

¡Que maravilla! Es una escala muy dificil de trabajar. Has hecho una tienda preciosa y con mucho detalle. Me gusta mucho la fachaa con la planta trepadora.
Besos Clara

Liesl Kleu said...

Oh Claire, you are so right, the little shop is so darling! I absolutely love it, you've done a wonderful job, the colours are perfect - my favoutite French colour combination! I adore the creeper, it adds such a nice touch. Mmmm, I think I may need to get one of these little kits....

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya! It's really lovely, all the detail is fab! I like the high windows especially. Oh and yes, is the flower-wrapping paper a bit of that origami paper I gave you ages ago?? Nice!

Joey x

The Pin Factory said...

Gracias Clara

Liesl - I am glad that you like it. You really should get one of these you will love building it and love having it!

Joey - You are so right the wrapping paper on the counter is the origami paper - ten out of ten!

hugs to all
Claire x

Yayin said...

Felicidades,te ha quedado preciosa,has hecho un buen trabajo.La fachada preciosa,la tienda con muchos detalles y todos preciosos,tiene mucho merito,ya que es una escala muy pequeña.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Claire, I had to giggle, I have been admiring that row of shops for so long - again, something else we both like! I love yellow and blue too, and you have done a wonderful job of your flower shop, it looks marvellous.