Friday, 3 September 2010

Joeys Bird

My friend Joey has made me the cutest chick! She has her party hat on ready to go. She is perched in the little tree on the windowsill next to my craft table at the moment. All my favourite colours. Thank you Joey!

My Wedding Chapel is now happily on the shelf that I put up ready for the Town Square Collection! It looks very lonely up there by itself so I added a little tree. I thought this tree was perfect to go with the chapel as the flowers look like they are made from confetti! The shelf is just the perfect size for 2 of these shops in each section with a tiny bit of room for landscaping. The next shop will probably be the Pet Shop.
The Wedding Chapel and the confetti tree!

I have been working on the first of my French Row shops this week. The first one is 'Fleurs Cadeaux' , the flower and gift shop. The whole row is in 144th scale and is from . I bought it at Christmas but it has taken me this long to build up the confidence to start on it. I shall be putting some photos on over the next couple of days.


Lee said...

Perfect shelf for the shops!
Look forward to seeing more join the chapel.
Have a great weekend~I hope to get some time to mini!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

You're welcome! She looks very comfy and cuddly!
Love the little chapel, it doesn't look like it's from Vegas at all! :D chuckle!
Seriously, I do really like it and I like the colour, it looks really fresh. :-)

Joey xx

Clara said...

Mucho trabajo hecho y muy bien hecho.
El arbol del confeti me ha encantado especialmente.
Besos Clara