Friday, 29 October 2010

Victoria & Albert Childhood Museum

We are back from London and have had an absolute ball. We visited all sorts of wonderful places. Elliot had won a family ticket to the London Aquarium so that was our first stop, which was absolutely mesmerising. The second day we went to the Natural History museum and queued for a lifetime to see the moving, roaring T Rex and lots of strange things in jars. Elliots favourite bit however was watching the performers in the street at Covent Garden. My favourite bit was of course the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood. Clive and I spent the whole time wandering round saying 'oh I remember that'.

I got to see the Tate Baby House and the Killer Cabinet for real! I have admired these in books for sometime. It was quite a shock to see just how HUGE they are! I really do mean ENORMOUS. I couldn't take photos to show you as they were all behind glass and the lighting in the museum was very bright and reflected off it. I have however taken photos of my various favourites, so here you go enjoy!

I had one of these in brown and loved it like nothing else!
There was an exhibition on of paper toys to cut out and make, which was fabulous. I wanted to have a go at everything - unfortunately that wasn't an option!

This was my favourite puppet!
I have all sorts of ideas that have come from this horse and the rabbit below - hmmm

The clockwork toys were wonderful.

As soon as I got home I immediately threw myself into decorating my Art Deco cabinet, so maybe there will be some photos coming up shortly!


Lee said...

SO cool to see all the old toys! Thanks for sharing!
What a trip....a dream of mine that someday I will visit England. Now I have places to make sure are on the list.
Thanks again!

May said...

¡Cuanto me alegro que hayas ddifrutado tanto!
Londres, sus museos, parques, castillos y barrios, es fabuloso.
Gracias por compartirlo con todas nosotras.
Besitos, May

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Wowee! They're all so lovely! I really like the dragon marionette and the wooden goose (or is it a duck? Oh and the paper toys look really interesting. What is the Tate baby house and the killer cabinet?

Joey xx