Monday, 1 November 2010

Art Deco Cabinet Decor

The Art Deco Baby House is now wallpapered and has flooring! I love the colours that Lady Bug has chosen for this project. I like it, when doing a cabinet, for all the rooms to compliment each other, so that it looks good as a whole. When choosing the colour scheme for the flooring and wallpapers for each room Lady Bug has achieved this brilliantly.

Here is a side photo so that you can see the detailing on the sides of the cabinet.

This is the cabinet with the doors closed - don't you love that they are glass and you can still see the insides?

Starting at the top floor, this is the bathroom. The floor was great fun to make. It is one piece of green speckled paper. Stripes were then painted on the left side, I used twinkling H2Os as they give a clear but iridescent look. The right side was then painted with Instant Age Varnish. Silver stickers were then used to add interest. The whole lot was then coated with Triple Thick Glaze - hey presto a wonderful bathroom floor!

This floor is going to be divided into a bathroom on the left and a dressing room on the right. Each room has an alcove with a piece of artwork in it. The bath will fit into the one on the left.

This is the dividing wall between the two rooms.
..and from the other side.
Again a full photo of the cabinet but this time with the top dividing wall in place.

The third floor is the bedroom. A lovely pearl flooring and complimenting wallpaper.

The ceiling in this room is sparkly and I have added a real bit of bling to the ceiling to go over the bed. All of these pieces came with the kit.

The second floor is the lounge. I love the wallpaper in this room. It is so warm and goes beautifully with the wood floor. The flooring in this room is a very thin piece of wood with the most wonderful grain, which I then coated in Instant Age Varnish as instructed and it has really brought out the character. This will be such a cosy room to sit in once the fireplace is in.

Of course lastly is the foyer. The floor and the wallpaper are now stuck in.

I love the warmth that this cabinet gives off. The wood of the piece itself along with the colours inside are just perfect to work on in Autumn.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

It's looking so lovely! I love all the little sparkly bits, and I really like the 'glass' dividing wall between the bathroom and the dressing room, very luxurious! I think you'll have to throw a house-warming party when it's done! :D
Joey xxx

Sandra Morris said...

Gosh, well done!

I haven't even had time to get mine out of the box properly yet... I'm hoping to make a start on it over the Christmas holidays.

Good to find a fellow blogger also doing this kit.