Saturday, 20 November 2010

Busy Little Camper!

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy.
I have started writing for a web design company and have been happily pottering my way through that. Making Gifts magazine also contacted me to do another two articles for them which have just come out yesterday. The New Home Stitchery I did is on the front cover, which is a real treat. I also designed and made some 'vintage style' lavender bags, I am not sure which issue these will be in but I am now slowly making a few more which will be in my shop shortly and I will blog about those when they are ready. I have also been doing quite a bit of patchwork, firstly my Little Boxes, Kaffe Fassett quilt and also a new little quilt I will hopefully whip up on the machine! As and when a bit of spare time has cropped up I have been working on my Xmas Hutch and also catching up on some Lydia Pickett pieces in view of all the new kits that are due out very soon! So enough of the chatter and let me show you some photographs!

Here is the beautiful charm pack that I bought at Heirs and Graces the other week. I just couldn't resist it. There is such a wonderfully cheerful mix of colours and designs. I also picked up some trims to go around the edges of my lavender bags.

I played around with the charm squares for a while until I found the layout that I was happiest with. This is a photograph of them all laid out. I may change my mind as I sew them together! The thought is that it will make a nice table cloth for my craft table.

Here is the front cover of Making Gifts, you can just about see my New Home Stitchery in the bottom right hand corner. It is now published as an online magazine so go and take a peek.

Onto the Xmas Hutch by the Betterleys. So many Christmas trees! I loved putting these together they are the same as the ones in Frostys snow man shop and so much fun!

As you know I do not do things by halves! When I saw all the beautiful new kits coming out for Lydia Pickett I thought I would make a few of the ones waiting. So I immediately started Lydias Kennel......

which of course has the most gorgeous trims..

Emmas Doll trunk,....

Emmas dolls bed, bathroom picture frames and tote (you can see the cake stand for the Xmas Hutch there too) ...

the bathroom dressing screen and Emmas bedroom shelf!

So as you see it has been a busy couple of weeks! There is just so much fun to be had.

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