Sunday, 28 November 2010

An Utterly Betterley Week

This week has been a dream of building Betterley kits! I am really getting on with the Xmas Hutch as the 1st December is nearly here. I have been sat in front of a roaring fire looking out at the snow outside and sprinkling glitter - sigh - wonderful!

Here is the hutch in all its glory. It needs a little work on the hinges but is so nearly there.

The icicles are magical!

I have also been working on some Lydia Pickett kits and have finished a few. Here is the bathroom screen, laundry tote and some artwork for the walls.

Then onto Emmas bedroom shelf. It is ready to pop the things on the shelf.

The little lamb pull toy is just gorgeous. Here it is on a ten pence piece so you can see how small it is! Also the gold 'E' for Emma!
This is Emmas dolls bed as featured in the story that comes with Emmas bedroom. It is so tiny and cute, I cannot wait to put it in her room.
Lastly but most definitely not least because this kit really was a dream to do. No Lydia yet though you will have to wait for her!

You can't really see it but there is a wonderful rug inside - I just love the little touches.


Lee said...

I ordered that hutch-hope to finish it before Christmas!
Your kits look terrific!
Thanks for sharing!

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Lee
Thanks for the compliments the kits are just so well designed! I want to finish my Xmas Hutch to have on the shelf on the 1st December - we always try and get our tree then - I LOVE the tree it is my favourite bit of Christmas.
Claire x

Eva said...

Todos y cada uno de los elementos son extraordinarios, le deseo que los disfrute y nos permita tambiƩn a nosotros disfrutarlos. Un saludo, Eva

Tantie said...

Your hutch is coming along like a charm. Love the icicles, they look like frozen water. Did you paint them then add glitter or use another method. Do tell. As always you LP goodies are treasures. Juat wait until Lydia is in her house. I finished mune a few weeks ago, My Emma's bed is done but not her trunk. Looks like PH is in my future SOON like this year. No encouragement from a certain someone. Thankls for sharing all you do.

The Pin Factory said...

Eva - Gracias por sus lindos comentarios. Me encanta compartir mis miniaturas con todos vosotros. mejores deseos
Claire x

Tantie - The icicles were painted and then I sprinkled glamour dust onto the wet paint. This is a trick I learnt from Judith at In Some Small Way when I was working on Frostys. I am so glad that you will be getting Pickett Hill as I know you will get as much pleasure from it as I did and in fact still do! I am so excited for you!

Claire x

Sandra from Sydney said...

Accessories from the Betterley's are always so beautiful - the artwork is exquisite, and everything goes together perfectly. Each and every kit from them is a joy to put together so I can see that doing the 'bits' for Picket Hill would be a joy to do.