Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Gifts

Well between Santa, family and friends I can truly say I have been thoroughly spoilt this Christmas! Plenty of minis along with all sorts of wonderful things. On Christmas Morning I had an amazing surprise of the 48th scale kit to build Cricket Hollow!

How my husband communicated with Judith, ordered, had delivered, wrapped and then transported to my Moms where we were having our holiday is totally and utterly beyond me! I was beside myself with excitement. It is absolutely darling and I just know I will have far too much fun filling it. These are the photos from Judiths website In Some Small Way. Above is the exterior and below is the interior of the log cabin. It is owned by Applejack and Annie and they run it as a store. They inherited it from Great Uncle Hiram down Cricket Hollow Way a little way from their home in the Appalachian mountains.

I also had a sneaky gift from my wonderful friend Judith, she knows that I am working on the half scale french house and she knows how much I totally adore Lydia Pickett and she combined the two with the gorgeous half scale Wardian Case. It is worth doing the French House just for this kit. I need to plan very carefully which room it will go in.
My other miniature gifts came from the lovely Rita. She has made some beautiful 144th scale items to go in my miniatures. They are so tiny and yet so perfect. There are four trees in pots.

Here they are with an English ten pence piece for scale!

Also three tables, one bare, one with a candle stick on it and an amazing corner table with a potted plant on it. A tall vase with flowers in and six incredible bowls.

It is really hard to show you how amazing these bowls are. They look as if they really are ceramic, I may have to have some lessons from Rita on making these!

Here is another photo of the bowls from the side so that you can see the depth.

The tall vase is going to look fantastic in a tiny hallway.

This is the corner table and the potted plant.

Look how fancy the table legs are. I cannot believe how tiny this candlestick is.

Rita also sent the Halloween secret book kit from the Betterleys and some tiny little cabinets which I will photograph for you once I have made them.
So as you see I have been an incredibly lucky girl and am over the moon with everything, so a HUGE thank you to all my friends and family.
Just before Christmas another friend Carol started adding a new line to her hand felted creations in her shop. Little felted Tilly's. Carols Fox Terrier is called Tilly and is too darling to begin describing. I love this so much - now I just need to think where I can hang her.
You need a close up so that you can see just how lovely her little face is.

Last time Carol was over for a sewing afternoon she was making big felted robins and there were a number of bits cut off the larger piece of felt that she had made and they looked just like tiny little robins. So she added a beak to one and gave it to me to add some eyes. Here is a photo of the lovely little fellow before I have added anything. I just know I am going to have to go on a hunt for the perfect twig for him to sit on!

Not long ago Carol was part of Apple Day in the village, where everyone came together to harvest the apples. As part of the fun she ran a childrens workshop where they all made tiny little felt apples. I have pestered and pestered and pestered and finally she caved and made me an apple.

Here it is with a ten pence piece so you can see how small it is.

Ever since opening Cricket Hollow on Christmas Day my fingers were just itching to get into it, finally yesterday when we got back from my Moms I pretty much ran to my craft table and ripped open the box and WOW what sight to behold. Here is just the logs for the exterior walls!

The labelling in this kit is unbelievable. Each different type of log is bundled together and labelled very carefully. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Look at the door my tummy actually did a little flip when I saw this.

The roof is done with individual wooden shingles.

Once I had got it all out I just couldn't stop and before I knew what had happened I was building! I have never done anything like this and it is so unbelievably satisfying building it up one log at a time.
The corners are so neat and perfect. Each log has been cut to the exact length and it is a dream the way it just all goes together.

As you can see from the fact that the photographs are now done with flash that I was still happily building when it went dark!

Yet more fabulous corners! I love the way they look.

Here I had got to the point where I need to start the window frames so I decided to stop for the evening.

I went to bed last night happily dreaming of what I was going to fill it with!


Eva said...

Todos los regalos son preciosos pero especialmente la manzana me ha parecido muy original. Un saludo, Eva

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire! What fabby presents! I love the log cabin, it's going to be gorgeous! But how are you going to do it all, what with quilt-making and craft club? At least it'll keep you out of mischief! hee hee!
Oh I love that little felty doggy, cool! Really cute with the red ribbon!
And the teeny-tiny furniture, how cute!! I love the little trees in pots too, and the ceramic-effect bowls are brilliant, they really do look like ceramic!
Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

You are one fortunate lady Claire! I love the cabin particularly and don't blame you for starting right in to build it. Have you decided yet how to fill it - you've had a whole day to think about it lol!
Sandra(Snippets from my studio)