Wednesday, 1 December 2010

First Day of Christmas!

It is the 1st of December and I finished my Hutch this morning just in the nick of time! I am so pleased with it and I am really in the Christmas mood now. Unfortunately we have had so much snow we can't go out and get our Christmas tree , which we usually do on the 1st. So it is going to have to wait a few days or so.

Here is the Christmas Hutch in all its sparkling glory!

I absolutely loved making these fairy cakes and painted the decorations to go in top.

I used triple thick which came in the Art Deco kit from LadyBug on the trivets so they actually look enamelled.

This is the photo that Clive took of the top yard this morning! I love the perfect shape of snow on the table top. We have had constant snow since. Clive had to dig out the rabbit hutch as we could only see the top two inches. Poppy was quite relieved to see us.

The patchwork is all pieced and this was my final arrangement. It just needs edging now and then it can go on my craft table!

I am now back off to sit by the fire and finish the 144th scale pot plants that I am working on for my Baby House.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Look at you! You busy little bee! I LOVE the Christmas hutch!! It's just SO GORGEOUS!! I love all the tiny detail, but there's just one thing you've forgotten - a penny or something in one of the pictures to illustrate just how teeny-tiny it is! It's really really nice, is it on your mantelpiece now?
Wow that snow is fabulous! Next door have a table too, and the snow is forming a perfect Christmas-cake-like square on top. I love pristine snow. At the moment I'm still excited about all the snow but give it a few days and I'll be sick of it!
Your craft table patchwork is lovely! It's going to look your little craft corner look even cosier than it already does (which is very cosy indeed!)
warm hugs
Joey xxx

by Sonya Rotella said...

Very lovely hutch!
I love the red-pink combination!
Best Compliments

Tantie said...

Claire your Hutch is wonderful. Don't kow what you were so worried about. Seeing what you did to the trivits makes them so much more realistic so I'm going to copy and do the same to mine. Love the paint job on the cupcake toppers. Such detail! And your postcard stand looks perfect.
I second what Joey said about the craft table patchwork. Very homey in a good way. Makes me want to get out the log cabin table cloth I started and finish it soon then maybe the quilts I have planned and cut.
Keep Warm

Sandra from Sydney said...

Claire, as usual your work is just beautiful. You have been so very busy! The hutch is lovely - every detail has obviously been given loving attention and the result is stunning. Your quilt will look so cozy - do show a photo when it is in place in your craft corner. And the snow looks very pretty - but I'm content to look at it in pictures, not to have to live with it vbg.
Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)

The Pin Factory said...

Joey - yes it is on the mantelpiece! I am so proud of it you will see it when you come over!

Sonya - thank you for the lovely compliment. The colour scheme is in the artwork taht came with the kit from the Betterleys and is just perfect.

Tantie - Get quilting Tantie!

Sandra - Thank you! I will definitely post a photo of my craft table with the patchwork on it. I wish I too could just look at pictures of the snow!

beat said...

Hi Claire
Your Hutch is wonderful. I love it. Thank for your nice work. I highly recommended you.


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Shaon77 said...

it is one of the best Christmas Hutch Decoration ever i have seen. What about the last Christmas Decoration collection that passed at December25, 2010? I am waiting for it.
Thank you
beat making