Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some Green in amongst all the Snow

I decided to start on my new Cynthia Howe Baby House yesterday. The Art Deco one has gone aside for some serious re-thinking of the top floor.

I forgot to photograph the Baby House before I started so here is the photo from Cynthias website. It is going to be a French country style Baby House inside.
In Cynthias example she has painted the doors in a lovely delicate pink which compliments the decor that is to go inside. I however decided that I wanted my silhouettes to really stand out, and I want this Baby House to sit really nicely alongside my others so I went for a deep olive green. It took a number of coats before it started to look OK and there is always that period where you think 'what have I done???'

I painted the silhouettes in white as suggested and they stand out beautifully, really crisp and clean. The daylight was fading fast by the time I took this photograph so the colour does not show brilliantly, maybe I will try again tomorrow. I cannot wait to start wallpapering the inside.

We have had more snow and ice than I can remember ever seeing this week. the icicles along the front of our house have been spectacular! They look just like the ones on the Xmas hutch, or on Frostys Snowman shop.

Elliot was particularly proud of the ones in his bedroom window!

Despite it being winter outside it was Spring on my craft table. I have been making some 144th scale potted plants. Again the light is fading, but I shall take some photos once they are in place.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

The baby house is adorable!! I love that shade of green, very nice, and it does show up the silhouettes very well. Nice work missus!
Those icicles are just crazy!! I love them! They are like some of the ones that houses on our road have had! Our house didn't get any, partly I think because we don't have central heating so no heat escaping the roof and melting the snow quickly. Plus I think our gutters are fairly clear so should drain water away and not spill over the edge perhaps.
And those teeny tiny potted plants are amazing!! Just don't sneeze, or you'll never find them! Oh and thank you for the ruler in the picture, it does help me appreciate the sense of tininess!
Joey xxx

Evelien said...

Those silhouettes are lovely and the color makes them show up very good! And so much ice on the houses, like little works of art.

Your plants are great! If you want to make photo's whenever you want you could make a lightbox. On my webalbum you can see a photo:

I made it with this link:

groetjes Evelien

Sandra from Sydney said...

wow! I thought 1/48 scale flowers were tiny to make up - 1/144th???? The baby house is spectacular, your choice of green for the doors is brilliant. I can see me giving in to the urge to indulge in Baby Cabinets next year! And here I am posting about a week at the beach and having a lovely swim today (I am sunburnt too) and you have photos of icicles! Isn't it great that we can share our lives even across so many miles that we are experiencing different seasons? Thank you, Internet vbg.
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)

The Pin Factory said...

Joey - I can sneeze away because I stick them to double sided tape on my work table before I begin - handy tip from Susan who designs the kits - cool huh?

Evelien - Thank you for the link to the light box I shall go and have a look at your album. Getting enough sunlight for photos is a real problem in a little cottage in the UK!!
Sandra - I actually don't think there is much difference between making plants in the two scales - you should have a go you will love it! It is funny that you are on the beach - couldn't do that here right now believe me :-)

hugs to all
Claire x

Sheila said...

I like your green doors on the baby house. Very nice. I totally enjoyed doing the baby house, but geez, what tiny scale. I believe my thumbs get larger as I work on these pieces.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.