Saturday, 11 December 2010

Early Gifts

Joey came over on Thursday and we had a sneakily early Christmas! She gave me the most beautifully wrapped gifts and I was so overwhelmed by how lovely they were!

Gorgeous trims, wonderful house ribbon on an old wooden cotton reel and a pottery snowflake ornament. They just all look so fabulous together it seems a shame to break them apart I will need to find a project that uses them all.

The polka dot ribbon is in my most favourite colours and the trim with the folk making snowmen is just adorable.
This piece of lace is so old I almost daren't touch it! Almost.......

The gold trim at the bottom is so fine and beautiful.

Here is the snowflake ornament and it is going on the top of our Christmas tree.

This cotton reel is just wonderful and will be perfect for the project that appeared in a Cloth Paper Scissors email recently, with lovely fabric strips wrapped around it with poetry on.

Here is a close up of the trim on the cotton reel, it has lots of colourful houses on it. I haven't unwound it yet as it all looks too wonderful tied up - but I will take some more photos when I do finally unwind it!

I wasn't the only one getting early Christmas gifts! Poppy has had a hay tube as an early Christmas treat! Now she can play and nibble at the same time. She couldn't believe her bunny eyes when she saw it. First she had to look through one end (and have a little nibble)....

Then she had to run around to the other side and look through that (and have a little nibble) !


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Aww Claire, you weren't joking when you said that you liked your prezzie! :D I'm really glad that you like it and hope you can put everything to good use!

I think Betsy Ross used ric-rac just like that on the original American flag!! hee hee!

Poppy looks just gorgeous! What with all the excitement on Thurs I forgot to request a Poppy hug! I hope she's been enjoying the sunshine today (what a nice day it's been, almost all the ice has gone, hurrah!!)

Joey xxx

Sandra from Sydney said...

Claire, how fortunate you are to have friends that share your passion for craft. Lovely gifts indeed. And Poppy is a sweet bunny indeed - and quite a character, it appears.

The Pin Factory said...

Joey - yes yes I REALLY loved my gifts thank you so much Joey! You will have to have a Poppy hug next time xx

Sandra - I am fortunate, Joey and I like to have crafty Thursdays as and when we can manage them and have a wonderful time. Lovely to hear from you x