Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cricket Hollow has a Roof

In between work I have been adding the shingles to the roof of Cricket Hollow. They come in the kit as a bag of individually cut wooden shingles and are just wonderful. So one by careful one I started sticking them on.

It is so therapeutic. I would do an hour of work and then skip to my craft table and do another row of shingles. They are really pleasing to the eye sitting there in rows.

I really feel I have built every tiny millimetre of this miniature building and put so much love and care into it. It hasn't felt just like sticking a few bits of wood together but it has grown bit by bit literally!

The shingles are just beautiful. They give a lovely random look both in shade and shape. It will be so hard to paint over them as I just love them as they are.

There is a really neat piece to go over the ridge of the roof.

I love the overall look from the back of Cricket Hollow. It is so calm and naive, a completely blank canvas which I am going to have a ball filling.

It definitely needs a creeper growing up and over the porch to give it that settled in look as if it has been there for quite some time. But has recently received a good lick of paint, Annie is a very proud woman and has helped Apple Jack to give the inside a good wash of white and the door a coat of deep red.

I am so very pleased with the roof it has turned out beautifully. Now I shall have a little think as to what colour it needs painting.

As promised in my last post here are some photos of my Halloween Secret Book. It is the first of a set of thirteen, although only five have been released so far.

As always the Betterleys artwork is astounding - the pages really do look like pages!

Here is the spine as it will look when it is finally on a little shelf with all the others.

The back of the book.

The secret book opens up to reveal...

...two little rooms just waiting to be filled!

I swapped my rooms around from the ones in the instructions because there is no way I could sleep in a room wallpapered with black and white stripes! So I had that as my downstairs room which I think looks rather elegant!

The other wallpaper I used in the upstairs room as I thought it gave a cosier feel for a bedroom.

Thank you Rita for such a wonderful present!


Joey's Dream Garden said...

I'm really loving Cricket Hollow! I love the weathered look of the 'logs' and the itty-bitty shingle tiles, they're so cool for having been stuck on one-by-one, just like in real life! :D Very cool.
I know what would be really cool, to have a 'real' rug, a massive one, made with tiny, tiny cross-stitched piece of fabric! Or some other stitch... maybe you could use some sort of very fine chenille yarn or thread? I did say about turkey or velvet stitch didn't I but I don't know if the scale would end up being too big, you don't really want a shag-pile rug do you?? :D

Hey I recognise that secret house book! ;-) Oh look, I've got a nearly-identical one here in front of me as I type! :D

J xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

Cricket Hollow is a lovely little cottage, and having real shingles is a great touch! A vine up and over the side would be just right. It's a real pleasure to see the progress of this cottage and I look forward to seeing what you do inside.