Monday, 14 February 2011

Cricket Hollows Finished Exterior

I have finished Cricket Hollow as a structure. There are no furnishings yet though. I finally decided to just do a very basic two tone grey wash on the shingles so that they look like they have weathered gracefully over time. I love the overall look it gives.

It is so hard to show colours up in photographs, but there is a subtle difference between the colour of the shingles and the colour of the logs, it just doesn't show so well in the photo.

I particularly love the way the grey of the shingles works with the grey floorboards inside. It just looks so wonderful.

I have added the creeper growing up the porch post and over the porch roof. The green looks so lovely and crisp next to the red door and is set perfectly next to the soft greying wood.
I copied Judiths design of growing the creeper up the porch post in a spiral sweep, it certainly adds interest. I just love it!

Here is the side view with the creeper added.

I think this has been my favourite build so far. I absolutely loved building it and totally love the finished cabin. I am pretty sure that it is going to become a quilting and yarn store. Those lovely white walls will show everything off so well. Lots of colour inside probably spilling out onto the front porch. Next month I will start filling it.
In the meantime I have started on two more projects, you know me its never just one thing at a time! I have built the beginnings of the Birchwood Cabinet by the Betterleys and also wallpapered my Department Store Baby House, you will have to wait for photos of those though.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
It's SO lovely! I really love the colour of the shingles, they do look like they've weathered over the years, this is going to be the best quilt shop ever!! I'm really looking forward to browsing the shelves full of fabrics and drooling over the patterns and quilts on display... exciting!

Eva said...

¡Que bonita tienda! Estoy deseando ver el interior terminado. Un saludo, Eva

millefleur10 said...

Was going to mention the colour of the shingles, love it - really adds to the character of the building.

The Pin Factory said...

Joey - Thank you so much I am really pleased with the colours of the wood. Wouldn't it just be lovely to be able to actually visit a little quilt shop like this - ahhh sigh

Eva - Gracias Eva. No puedo esperar para llenar la tienda

Geraldine - Thank you I wanted to make a building that seemed as if it had been there for quite some time!

Claire x
Claire x