Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spring and Bunnies

I thought I would introduce the two new members of our family. We have little rabbit sisters that came from the RSPCA. The black and white one is Charlotte and the all black one is Lucy. They are settling in really nicely and it is so lovely having two in together as they have such a funny relationship. Charlotte is the bossy one and will steal a carrot straight from Lucy's mouth!

Here they are in their bedtime hutch in the barn, you can see Poppy in the hutch below.

Just so that she doesn't feel left out here is a photo of Poppy. We have had her for quite a while now. Unfortunately we lost Jasper back in December. She is very much the delicate little lady.

Charlotte and Lucy have been running round the kitchen this morning have a good sniff at everything and anything!

Lucy finally found the treat whilst Charlotte was still tearing around at great speed, as you can see from the blur in the background.

It wasn't long though before Charlotte spotted the treat and decided that she should get stuck in.

This seems to be quite a typical sight Charlotte with the HUGE bit of food and Lucy nibbling at the left overs!

Every year I start looking for signs of spring far too early. This year however I was more eager than ever. I am most definitely a seasonal crafter in the sense that I like to work on projects that 'feel' right for the time of the year. The Cricket Hollow Log Cabin was definitely a winter project and I could imagine myself looking through the quilts in front of the old pot belly stove in the middle of the room. Birchwood, which is the collection from the Betterleys that I spent all last year collecting, has a definite spring feel to it. I decided right at the beginning that I wouldn't start the kits until I had collected them all. The final kit came in December and was placed in a box with the rest to wait for Spring. So now you know why I am so keen for the season to turn this year. With baby bunnies hopping around my feet it seemed fair enough to think that Spring must be almost upon us so I went in search of some proof in the garden.

This was enough proof for me so the Birchwood box was opened and fallen in love with all over again! First there was the collectors badge.

Then each month another parcel would arrive all wrapped in brown paper and string. Almost too beautiful to open! It was like my birthday getting them all out again and spreading them out. I started with the cabinet which is now at the point that I need to start painting already.

I have put a ring on the bottom shelf so that you can get an idea of scale. The artwork and the kits are just incredible to see, this is going to be a truly amazing miniature and a wonderful journey.
The kit to make the book that goes in the little drawer at the bottom of the cabinet arrived a few weeks ago and it tells the Birchwood story. The Betterleys have outdone themselves yet again. Now I have to wait for the further two projects in the Birchwood series!


Lee said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your bunnies!
Hard to believe you have so many signs of spring...we still have so much snow!
The pictures of your Birchwood cabinet look great! I have those kits and will follow your progress with great interest.
Thanks for sharing!

Cate and David said...

Love the beautiful buns!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
Aww the cutie bun-buns! :D Yeh, typical of Charlotte to have the MASSIVE seed-cake in front of her whilst Lucy politely nibbles at the crumbs, bless her!

Birchwood is going to be lovely! :D Yes I'm enjoying the first little signs of spring too... your photos are lovely, your garden seems further on that ours though, which I'm surprised at because Bamford is so so cold!

hugs to you & C&L!
J xxx

millefleur10 said...

Charlotte looks such fun, I'm going to have to come and have a play. I've always wanted a rabbit!

Louise Elizabeth. Textile Designs ♥ said...

Aaah your rabbits are so sweet. My neighbour has two and I used to have two when I was a child - both grey called Misty and Smokey :) x

The Pin Factory said...

Lee - I spoke to soon with the signs of spring we woke up on saturday to snow! The Birchwood is a wonderful collection you will enjoy it.

Cate - Thanks I will pass on your compliments to them :-)

Joey - Yep Charlotte has serious attitude to food!

Geraldine - Please do come and have a play, I always wanted rabbits but had to wait until I was a 'grown up' you see I put that in inverted commas!!!

Louise - Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the bunnies

hugs to all
Claire x

Sandra from Sydney said...

Your bunnies are very sweet, and you have a beautiful garden Claire. I subsscribe to Birchwood too - we truly do have tastes in common vbg! I've only received the little introductory wagon and dressmaker's dummy so far, will save them up as you have and do several of the pieces together.
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)