Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gingers Ice Cream Parlour

Last weekend it was the Micro Minis Online convention. It is held every year round about the same weekend and is just so much fun. I signed up for a couple of workshops and of course the 2011 Souvenir piece. The souvenir piece is a story book of Fairy Tales that when you open it up there are three floors inside.

The first workshop to arrive was Gingers Ice Cream Parlour. Her workshops are always real favourites for me, if you remember last year was the New York Loft Style Apartment which I just loved doing. This year she did an Ice Cream Parlour inside a fridge magnet! It is tiny.

First step was to wallpaper. The wallpaper she has chosen is just perfect with all those lovely stripes in the colours of ice cream sprinkles!

Then it was time to do the floor. I always love black and white tiled floors so I was over the moon that this was what came with the kit!

The floor is then raised on supports so that it is level with the front of the box.

Here is the floor in place.

The side counters are frosted glass with wooden tops.

One on either side.

Above the side counters there are lovely prints of ice creams. Ginger had already accentuated these with dimensional paint so that they really stand out and sparkle!

One for the other side.

then came the shelving unit at the back. Ginger had included a beautiful picture of the inside of an ice cream parlour. She had again accentuated parts with dimensional paint. The shelving in the picture was cut out and wooden strips and wire strips added as shelves.

Ginger puts so much detail into her kits, we even had the bits and the instructions to make glasses with straws in!
Here is the counter with a till, a soda fountain, a silver bowl and some glasses on it.

Then the canopy was added over the counter.

Of course there needed to be high stools up at the counter.

Ginger has this amazing ability to make things out of anything! I have no idea what these are but she gave instructions on how to turn them into wonderful chairs!

The kit made four chairs and two tables.

Here is the finished interior.

This is the Ice Cream Parlour next to a 10 pence piece just to show you how tiny it is!

All that was left to do then was to add the front to the little box. I have to admit that I won't be sticking mine on the fridge it is far too precious and will be going carefully on a shelf to be admired!

I loved doing this kit, so much fun, and so much detail. Now I have the other workshops and the souvenir piece to work on.


Josje said...

Very cute! Makes me want to go over to our local ice cream parlour and get a few scoops of yummie fresh Italian ice cream.

Lee said...

Oh wow! This turned out so adorable-great job!
I stayed away from the convention but this makes me wish I hadn't. Just too many UFO's.
Thanks for sharing-looking forward to seeing other projects!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

So cute! And so tiny! :D
Joey xx

Tantie said...

Makes me wish I had followed your lead and bought the kit. Ginger always adds that extra something to her kits that makes the finished project so perfect. Well done you.
Thanks for sharing.

1717 said...

Great project, congratulations!

Crystal said...

That is adorable....and so tiny. Love it.