Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wool, Spring and Some Small Bedding

Yesterday was a trip out to The Threshing Barn . It was a wonderfully sunny day and the drive over was beautiful. After a cup of tea in the courtyard it was into the barn to buy wool! It is an Aladdins Cave of yarn related items, the hardest part was not to buy! After a great deal of excitement I finally settled on my purchases.
A Tube of Wool with Needles
The wool out of its tube.
A selection of variegated dyed wool.

A hank of spun Sari silk and THE most beautiful knitting needles I have ever seen.

A close up of the spun sari.

My first and very own crochet hook.

Then just as I decided that was it, I spied these buttons!

So now I need to do some serious knitting to justify the trip! I am going to a Crazy Knitting workshop at New Mills Gallery soon so I wanted a selection of textures and colours. I am also hoping to attend some crochet workshops in Bakewell in a few weeks so I had better learn fast!
I finally got around to making something out of my piece of felted knitting. I decided that it just had to be a pouch for my knitting needles and crochet hooks!
All I did was fold the piece in half and sew the sides up with blanket stitch in embroidery floss.
Then it just needed a zip across the top. Now I just have to make sure that I only ever buy fairly short needles!

Spring is most definitely on its way here now. I do realise that I have said that before and had to take it back, but this time I am sure. The roses are starting to sprout.

There are signs of Peonies pushing their way up.

This Hyacinth surprised us near the front door.

The Hellebores are completely out and glorious.

I even snook some photos in my neighbours garden.

The sure sign though is always the Virginia Creeper on the front of our house. When it starts budding we know Spring is definitely on its way. This will become a full coverage of green across the whole row.
This last week I have been working hard on getting the beds completed for an Etsy order for a lady in America who had made a custom order for her daughters. I have thoroughly enjoyed making the bedding for these two beds and so decided to share the photographs on my blog.
Here is the first bed.

I was lucky that my friend Joey came over just at the right time to take the photographs for me as she is particularly good at stages the pictures.

I even lined the base of the bed and underneath it with pretty scrap book paper.

Here is the second bed.

These will be setting off to the States at the end of the week. I have also been making some vintage style lavender bags, I did the design for a Craft Magazine a few months ago and enjoyed making them so much that I made quite a few. So these will no doubt be on their way to my Etsy shop as well.


Anonymous said...

Goodness, you have been busy! Love the needle case you've made from the piece of felt, the colours look wonderful.

ribbon and blooms said...

love your beds.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Ooh lovely wool! And a crochet hook! Who'd have thought? :D Someone who said a year ago, oh I can't do crochet... hee hee that was you!!
I love your knitting needle case, it's so soft and I love how the colours all blend into each other.
Love all the plants photos! The pictures of the peony leaves sprouting look like green fingers all pressed together...
Hey can't wait to see your lavender bags on Etsy! ;-)
Joey xx