Sunday, 3 April 2011

Crazy Knitting, Emmas Room and a Fox

Yesterday I went on a Crazy Knitting workshop at New Mills Gallery. It was so much fun and is proving rather addictive but then show me a craft that isn't. Firstly we had to pick different wools from the enormous pile in the middle of the table. We then cut a strip of each one and knotted them end to end to get one long piece of ever changing wool. Then we just started to knit! When we felt like it we then cast off to the last stitch, turned the knitting, picked stitches up down the side and started knitting again. This was the piece that I had at the end of the afternoon.
Of course when I got home it couldn't be put down so I kept adding more bits. Here is one side of the knitting......

..and here is the other.

I shall keep on going with this piece or maybe start another! I would like to add in some crochet to it as well bringing in extra textures and stitches. Its a great way of knitting, very relaxing and rule free.

A while ago I finished the last few pieces for Emmas bedroom for Pickett Hill but never got round to blogging the photos so here they are.

The cupboard bed.

The pictures for the wall.

The doll trunk.

The pieces in this kit were so tiny, the beautiful brass hinges, handle and lock.

Lastly I just wanted to share a photograph of a drawing of a fox that Elliot did at school. I love it so very much. I am partial to a good fox picture and this really made me smile.


Eva said...

Muy originales los trabajos con la lana. La habitación de Emma es muy fina y romántica. Un saludo, Eva

Susan said...

That cupboard bed is to die for, so pretty and feminine!

Had to smile about the fox artwork, it needs to be miniaturised!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Now that IS crazy knitting! You weren't kidding! Are you going to make it into something?

I LOVE Elliot's fox! He looks very very vicious though, I hope he hasn't seen a chicken...

And I love all the furniture, the bed is really beautiful and the doll trunk is fabulous! Nice work missy!
Joey xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

I agree, Elliot's fox artwork needs to be miniaturised and added to one of your houses - perhaps the boy's room or on the refrigerator? Emma's bed is just too gorgeous, and the other things are beautiful too. In fact looking at your lovely Pickett Hill over time has dissolved my willpower - my kit for the house arrived this afternoon and now I have ordered the kitchen and some accessories for it too lol. Luv, Sandie.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Me again - have you finished all the furnishing kits for PH yet? I have been looking for the main bedroom and can't find it, or the kitchen? Your PH is just so lovely - no wonder it remains a favourite. Looking forward to seeing it set up on the turntable (hint, hint lol)

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Sandra
No I haven't finished all the furniture. I am halfway through the main bed. The kitchen although it was the first kit I bought I keep avoiding it as it looks like the most fiddly!!!!
Just for you Sandra I will do a blog post soon - revisiting PH!
Claire x