Monday, 4 April 2011

Falling in Love with Wool

A while ago you may remember that my friend Joey had given me a lovely gift of some gorgeous balls of wool. They have been loved and admired but I just hadn't decided what to do with them. Last night I suddenly decided to knit a stuffed heart! I picked the Twilleys Freedom Spirit wool and set too. I had absolutely no idea how the knitting would look as the wool has a speckled affect and is also variegated. I was totally over the moon with what appeared before me. I also fell in love with the feel of the yarn as it went through my fingers. I didn't want it to ever stop. But then it was bedtime so it had to. This morning I sewed up and stuffed my little heart and loved it even more. I kept squeezing it and cuddling it. So now I am making you admire it too!

The finished article ..... or is it???

As the wool really is 100% wool Joey had thought I might like to have fun felting it. Dare I risk my work of art in the washing machine?????

Yes is the answer. I shoved it in a pillowcase and stuffed it in the washer on a hot wash with lots of soap and went off to do my dinner duty!

When I returned I had the cutest little felted heart!

It had shrunk from six inches high to just under four.

I love the little curl at the point.

So a big thank you to Joey for the wonderful wool, I truly am in love with Twilleys!

The heart pattern is from My Baboo on Ravelry.


Susan said...

This post caught my eye because I've been 'Zen' knitting too :) A lovely way to take a break from miniatures.

I love your wool, love the way it knitted up in your heart too, but the felted result is even better than the original. It makes me smile, I'd hug it and stroke it too :))

Cate and David said...

Beautiful wool and what a sweet little heart!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

I'm so glad that you like it so much Claire! :D That heart is a little cutie!
Felting knitting is right magic, isn't it!
Joey xx

The Pin Factory said...

Susan - I love that name for it 'Zen' knitting I might just adopt that from now on instead of crazy knitting!

Cate - thank you so much I am really pleased with how cute it turned out!

Joey - wait and see I have invested in some more colours so watch this space!!!