Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Experimental Day

Last Thursday I had an 'Experimental Day' with my friend Carol. She is a felter and has been working with the children in our craft club at school. We decided to have a fun day of playing with absolutely everything that fell into the category of 'fibres'. We started by tipping everything out onto her kitchen table!
There were silk tops.

Strange lumps of things.

Silk rods.

Wensleydale curls.... to name but a few!

I had so much fun laying out all the different things, pulling them apart and playing.

Carol showed me how beautiful a silk rod is when it is stretched and you can see the pattern of the fibres.

The curls can give a really dramatic accent.

Here is the final layout before it was felted.

Then it was much warm water, soap and Carols elbow grease........

Onto the drier to dry and of course the long wait for the finished piece of felt to show its glorious colours!

Yes you are going to have to wait to see the final piece! I promise I won't keep you waiting for long!!!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

HIya! Ooh all that lovely wool and stuff! Looks like you had a bit of fun there. Nice one missus! :D
J xx