Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blogging a Frog and a Walk in the Countryside

Yesterday evening Clive came in from the backyard telling me to come and see something. We tiptoed out and there was our frog! Every year I hope he will come back. My little boy Elliot built a 'water garden' a number of years ago out of a half barrel in our little yard 'as seen on Spring Watch' and within a week we had a frog. It was THE sign to me that Spring is finally here. Our frog is in residence and enjoying the sunshine. Now whenever I feel like it I can just pop out and take a peek. So I thought the least I could do was share him with you.

Such a cheeky little fella!

This morning it was such a gloriously beautiful day that we felt it would be rude to stay indoors. We decided that we would go for a walk along Lathkill Dale starting at Monyash. We have lived not far for 8 years now and never actually done this little meander but decided today was the day.

It was just so amazingly beautiful. Every step gave us a breathtaking view, it is so hard to show it in my little snaps. It started as a wide green space but soon narrowed into a path between steep sides.

It was like we were exploring a lost temple that we had stumbled upon in the middle of a forest - or so my eight year old tells me.

There were some great trees for climbing - again from the eight year old perspective!

Some really interesting textured lichen.

We walked as far as the point that it opens up into the valley. This was the best view of all. We stopped here for a while just enjoying the day.

Then the Ice Cream alarm started ringing - again the eight year old - and we had to set off back.

We went back into Monyash which is such a wonderful little village. The perfect village green, village pub and of course the essential duck pond. The houses were really interesting old buildings.

On the way home Clive was lovely enough to pull over at my favourite barn just so I could take some photographs of it in the sunshine.

To finish our day out in the lovely English countryside I took a quick snap of a surprisingly large hen.
Finally here is a scan of my piece of felt all dried out. I will be cutting it up for various pieces. It is so lovely and soft and the wensleydale curls are particularly lovely.

I am hankering after working on my miniatures but I am going to be honest and admit that there hasn't been much going on in that department for the last few weeks. The reason for this, dare I admit it, is because the landing where my craft table is and my craft table itself is in such a mess that I can't even begin to work on it! Oh the shame of it!!!! SO now that school has kicked out for two weeks I really need to get stuck in and do a spot of tidying.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

WOWEE! That froggy is fantastic! I LOVE the photos of him! Really sharp and detailed. Your walk looks really lovely too, I've never heard of Monyash, you have lots of little villages your way, don't you? That barn that you took a picture of looks how I imagine the barn in a ghost story by Edith Nesbitt would look. Very spooky!! :D
J xx

Sandra from Sydney said...

What gorgeous buildings - great inspiration for colours and finishes for Petite Properties kits lol! And your felt is just so lovely - I wish I could feel it, I can tell how soft and cuddly it is.
My craft area (wherever I am working) looks just the same too - guess what is on the program today!
Hugs Sandie (Snippets)