Friday, 22 April 2011

Store Counter and Playful Bunnies

I haven't had chance to work on my miniatures for what seems ages. As I mentioned before this is mainly due to the sheer mess on and around my craft table. So.... have I tided up? NO I have learnt to work around it all!

My order from Judith arrived and in it was the Liberty Bay kits from the Betterleys that I had ordered to go in Cricket Hollow - which is going to be a quilt shop. I started with the Store Counter. I opened the little packet and the smell of laser cut wood just hit me and I was immediately in heaven. There really is nothing quite like it.

Here is my little counter all ready to paint.

Just look at those darling door knobs.

As with everything Betterley the packaging was just wonderful. I really like the design and colours used on the front.

The next piece will be the Store Cabinet, here is the packet as yet unopened.

The bunnies have been making me laugh the last week or so. I think they must have Spring fever! Charlotte insisted on putting a flower pot on her head. At first I thought she had got it stuck by accident so I lifted it off, but she immediately put it back on again.

As if that wasn't enough bunny madness Lucy decided she wanted in on the fun and put another one on her head and started to run around with it.

Last of course was the dainty Poppy who didn't do much running around but thought it would be nice to just try it for a little bit.

As an Easter treat I have uploaded the photographs of the pom pom chicks we made at our Infants Easter craft afternoon last week at school.

Here is Class 2s chicks
and here are Class 1s chicks.


Lee said...

Oh, I love the Betterley's kits, too! Just finishing up 'Crooked Tree Lane' which has quite a few furniture kits of theirs. Just a joy to make! If I didn't have a deadline of showing off this display at a show next week, this project would fall into the dark recesses of the UFO's in my basement workroom-lol
Thanks for sharing!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

I love the little store counter! It's really lovely with the star-shaped knobs and the star cut-outs. Really nice. And the cabinet too. I want full-size ones for our house!! (as always!)
EEK!! The bunnies are super-cute!! I think they're all under Charlotte's cheeky influence!
I love all the chicks! They're fantastic, now I know what you meant by cutting out all those feet! They look really good and I like that they've used different shades of yellow and have differently sized eyes etc.
Have a super-duper holiday! :D
Joey xxx