Saturday, 29 October 2011

Serendipity and the Spool!

So much has happened in the yarn stakes since I last blogged that I cannot possibly include it all! So here are a few pics to give the general gist!

Washing fleeces!

Learning to drop spindle and loving it.

Plying on the drop spindle oh and did I mention loving it!

New fleece from the Shetland Isle all in a yummy great ball.

Just to give you an idea of scale!

A new wheel - just as I was getting into spinning a lady on my row decided to sell at an incredibly affordable price - although I have to confess I only half own this beauty as I am sharing it with Bonnie.

Yet more Twilleys Freedom wool - that I had for my birthday - thank you Joey!

The crochet is growing what will it be......

Lovely stripes!

A bowl????

The now felted bowl full of wonderful woolly treats!

There is even more I need to share but have run out of time right now so more pictures over the weekend!


Sandra from Sydney said...

Well you are certainly enjoying your adventures in the world of yarn and spinning and creating. What fun! Just wanted to let you know that I have started on Pickett Hill (haven't blogged about it yet but will soon) so will be re-visiting your posts often for a refresher on how you did it. I'm also doing more in other lines - scrapbooking and (new interest) card making as well as our family tree but am still doing minis nearly as often as usual. Miss your posts!

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Sandra
I have been such a dreadful blogger over the last six months haven't I?? I must correct my ways!
I am loving my yarn adventures so much but am also mini-ing away! I am working on Birchwood at the moment then maybe back to Pickett Hill for the furniture and some landscaping!
Claire x

Sandra from Sydney said...

It's good to hear from you Claire! I must get back to Birchwood too, I have done the cabinet and most of the furniture for each of the rooms but just need to finish off the mannequin and put it all together. I am enjoying Pickett Hill so far.