Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Getting Up To Date...... well almost!

I haven't blogged for sooooooo long! Which was pointed out to me by two friends yesterday. So just for Ang and Sandra here is a quick photo list of what is on the go at the moment! Although having started down this route the batteries ran out of my camera so you will have to wait for more!

Birchwood Cabinet by the Betterleys

Knitted Sheep by Made By Ewe Shop







and believe it or not there are more - in fact ten in all! It is such a wonderful pattern to knit and the different fleeces are great and the wool is mmmmmmmmmm divine!

Next is the secret bookshelf by the Betterleys.

Here it is painted black and distressed with the Halloween book displayed on top. I need to glue the decorative top border in yet.
The sides are just beautiful. I cannot wait to fill it.

My parents bought me a sampler kit for my birthday, so far there is a tree and not much else but I am working on that!

This is the third crocheted bowl ready for felting! This is to go in the shop window at The Compleat Knit in Matlock.

Its base.

I can't give you a final photo as it is in the washing machine as I type!

And finally before the batteries ran out here is my finished round cushion (which I loved doing so much I am immediately starting another one!) and the crocheted blanket that I am now snuggling under every evening!

That will have to do for now but is far from everything. I will go out and buy more batteries for the camera and try and be a better and more frequent blogger!!!


Kathi said...

Hello and welcome back! Your little sheep are adorable! Love their names too. :D
I sure wish I could crochet/knit.
I cannot imagine making something so tiny.
Cute cute cute!

Sandra from Sydney said...

Welcome back to blogland lol! It is sooooo good to see what you've been doing. Good to see the darling little sheep and wonderful knitted and crochet items, and also good to see you haven't stopped mini-ing! I haven't finished my Birchwood Cabinet yet, but have made progress on Pickett Hill (beginning steps - will blog soon). Have you completed yours?

Sandra from Sydney said...

PS meant to say I hsve been collecting the secret books too and hsve ordered the bookcase - it is on its way as I type! I am happy to have a good look at one.