Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring and More Sheep

I finished knitting my Herdwick sheep last night from another one of Made By Ewe's kits. He is actually knitted from Herdwick wool! How totally fabulous is that? The fact that I have been spinning with Herdwick this last few weeks made it all the more fun to be knitting a Herdwick sheep, they are definitely my favourite. My plan now is to take my knitted Herdwick and photograph him with the real flock of Herdwick that live two villages up from here.
He was shy at first and hid in the shade of my Hellebore!

Then he decided to brave the sunshine and throw off his beautiful fleece...

...and run naked to the lush grass!

Little Herdy though was about to meet Beau another sheep that I knitted (from the Heather pattern) so he had to get decent again pretty quickly.I knitted Beau with some lovely Cashmere and her fleece is some of Debbies North Yorkshire wool, hand dyed with natural dyes to get a beautiful subtly variegated rose colour.

Spring is definitely here, not only because we can now hear the lambs bleating and see them across the road but also because on our latest walk up to the Derwent Dam we saw a toad coming out of hibernation. I didn't manage to get a good photo of him so one of the dam will have to do!

Signs of Spring are just popping up all over the garden. Our sneaky self seeded Quince is just divine.

Elliots hyacinth keeps coming back year after year even though we always forget it's there!

The Hellebore has been particularly amazing this year. I have never seen so many flowers on it.

Bulbs are flowering all over the path.

So now I have finished knitting Herdy what's next??? Another kit from Made By Ewe of course! I love her patterns so much, every single one I have knitted I have learnt and mastered a new stitch. I always look back on the finished thing and cannot believe I knitted it. Plus of course it is all made with 100% British wool. So sticking with the pink and grey theme from Herdy and Beau......

It may not look like it right now but it is going to be a momma and baby owl!

I had a fantastic day up at Margies Farm last week in the wonderful sunshine. I shall upload the photos and post them later this week.

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