Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Little More Birchwood

I have had a lovely day working on Birchwood. I had to write it in my diary that this was my day for mini'ing as otherwise the rest of life and the yarn take over as it is so much easier to just grab the knitting needles than to get my glue and cutting board out. So here we go......

The first coat of water putty on the wire trunk.

The second coat of water putty on the trunk.

Adding the batting to the mannequin.

The metal top branches are then bent out and made three dimensional and coated with water putty.

The mannequin is covered with flesh coloured nylon. The tree is not looking straight at the moment because the trunk and the branches are not glued in place they are just rested in the mannequin.
I decided whilst the tree was drying I would start on furniture for one of the rooms, but it is so hard to choose which one to open.

I went for the Keeping Room and Kitchen in the end .

It is all beautifully tied up as always with the Betterleys there is even a sprig of dried rosemary.

The Birchy Bench.

The Counter and Stove

Birchy Table

Birchy Table with the two chairs.

Twiggy Shelf

Sink Unit

Lavender Dispenser (of course!)

Just for scale here is the Birchy Bench with my wedding ring.

I cannot wait to get back to this project again as it is just so totally magical.

I know I promised you farm photos and they are coming but I wanted to share this before the glue was even dry!


Sandra from Sydney said...

Glad to see that you are starting on Birchwood - I finished the cabinet and made all the furniture but not done the finishing touches on it or done the detailed bits for the rooms. Seeing yours progress might inspire me to make it one of my targeted UFOs for April! Have you subscribed to Percy's Timeshare?
Luv, Sandie

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Sandie
Yep I sure have subscribed to Percys timeshare. It has been a long time in coming but I have just heard that the final part is in the post to me as I type! It is the most amazing kit so beautiful I just get scared when I first look at these amazing kits!
Claire x

Joey's Dream Garden said...

I want all that furniture in full size for our house! :D Especially the birchy table, it's right cool! I love the tree mannequin, very bizarre but fab, you could hang necklaces and things from the branches... And I bet it all fits in the palm of your hand! :D
J xxx