Monday, 26 March 2012

Margies Farm

As promised here are the photos from the day on Margies Farm. As well as myself and Margie, Debbie and Carol were there. So we got first viewing of Debbies latest dye dips.

An absolute rainbow of colour I just wanted to dive into the pile.

Obviously I can't see Debbies wool and not buy some so here is my stash that I picked out of the amazing pile of yarn piled loveliness.

The variegation in the colours are just beautiful.

Then we all had a good look at Margies wool. Lots of her 'girls' fleece that she has been dying - again of course with all natural dyes, and some of her hand spun yarn.

We played in the field with her girls and hand fed them. This one is Lucky whose fleece is next in my 'to spin' pile!

It was so much fun getting up close and cuddling all the sheep especially on such a sunny day. They are all huge and almost ready for lambing. That will be next weeks treat!

Wandering around the farm was just so relaxing.

Sitting outside chatting with good friends and knitting with beautiful yarn - ahh sigh does it get any better than that?

Roll on lambing and there being yet more sheep to cuddle.

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

That farm looks fabby! You must tell me more on Weds! :D Wool looks really nice, I bet you've used some already...

J xxx