Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sun Bunnies, Evening Walks and a New Patchwork design

The sun has been shining so much recently there has been lots of having the bunnies out on the grass to enjoy it. Unfortunately we lost Charlotte on Christmas Eve and because Lucy was missing her so much we let her find a new bunny buddy and she picked Tarquin. He is a rescue bunny that came from the same foster mum and is about the same age. they just love each other so much it is wonderful.

So introducing Tarquin.......

Lucy is just making sure she is looking her best and having a little clean up!

Tarquin obviously decided that he ought to follow suit!

Poppy of course got to see the sunshine as well and totally stuffed herself silly on grass!

Another thing that the sunshine has made us do is go for little local walks when we are all in on an evening. Of course I have been taking my camera with me and getting a few shots of the beautiful scenery. These are all taken up and around the Derwent Dam and the Howden Dam.

This week I have been working on a new patchwork design. I wanted to do a Union Jack that was strip pieced instead of foundation pieced like a lot of the patterns for Union Jacks seem to be. After a bit of maths and a rotary cutter later this is my first one.

There are a few things that need sorting but it is almost there. I just love the blue with the cream crowns on. It is a new fabric that arrived in the shop I work in, only last week. I can see this is going to be a year of Union Jacks and red, white and blue!

Lastly but definitely not least here is the frog that we came upon on one of our little walks. I love it when Spring comes and all the frogs and toads start appearing!


Joey's Dream Garden said...

the bunnies are adorable as always, and Tarquin looks like a right cutie - can't wait to give him a cuddle!

Your flag design is really clever, you need to sell the pattern in your Etsy shop, loads of people would love it I bet!

Reservoirs and froggie are lovely too...

J xxx

Made By Ewe said...

oh there are some really cute bunnies - wish I could have a cuddle
L x