Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lambs and another Bunny

Hooray I got to see the brand new lambs at Margies Farm on Sunday. Just got in there before the snow hit! They are just the sweetest things. I got to do lots of cuddling of one in particular and the gorgeous smell of wool and warm milk was just too delightful. When I go again on Tuesday there will be a lot more lambs ready to cuddle. Here is the lamb that I got to snuggle up to.
Here is her proud mum, she wasn't sure at first about the whole parenthood thing but got there in the end and it was wonderful to see.

They are so unsteady on their feet but insist on leaping around anyway leading to many a comical moment. Their little hooves seem far too big for them and make quite a loud clippity clop noise - I have to admit I was in love and it took a great deal of self control, oh and the threat of being searched on the way out, to not steal one home with me.

Here is a picture of my latest sun bunny! But this one is knitted! She is May and is from another Made By Ewe kit. She is knitted from pure British Gotland lambswool which was gorgeous to knit with. I loved the feel of the yarn as I knitted with it and love the feel of my little bunny now she is knitted. Her dress is knitted in hand dyed blue Gotland lambswool so as you can guess was equally lovely to knit with.

I wanted to be able to change her dress so I put little buttons on the shoulders instead of sewing them up. Now she needs me to finish her headband and the little flower that goes on her dress.

Here she is in her second outfit. This dress is also one of Made By Ewes patterns. I have knitted it in some of Debbies North Yorkshire wool that has been hand dyed with Beech Leaves and is a fabulous subtle grey/green.

It is really hard to get the stitch pattern on this dress to show up in the photo as it is so subtle. Again I put buttons on the shoulders so that she can change her outfit.

I haven't told May yet but Linda from Made By Ewe has just released a little boy bunny pattern so I have a feeling that he will be coming a courting some time VERY soon!


Made By Ewe said...

so cute - I love that beech leaves wool- gorgeous colour!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Those lambkins are beautiful! I love their overly-long ears! They will grow into them, won't they?

The knitted bunnies are really cute too! I like the idea of being able to change dresses - very necessary if carrot soup gets spilt on it! ;-)
J xx