Monday, 9 April 2012

New Blue Cartoon Shoes!

Today I bought new shoes! Not just any shoes but BLUE CARTOON shoes ( I think they look like they are drawn in a cartoon - I had to add that as my husband is leaning over my shoulder demanding to know why they are cartoon shoes!!!). The dilemma has been that I needed shoes for my job as I have been wearing my boots all winter and now it is thinking about getting warmer (and there is under floor heating at work) I am boiling - therefore I needed new work shoes. But there has been much grumbling as on the whole I don't 'do' shoes and I resent any potential crafting spends going on something I just don't want. The extra dilemma here was the fact that I also needed new trainers - mine were eaten by a dog in September - these things only happen to me! So DOUBLE the spend required Grrrrrr!

Today however there was a truly happy conclusion to what was clearly a troubled situation. In Sheffield on a little trip out these amazing Blue Cartoon Shoes practically threw themselves off the shelf and into my life. Now THESE are shoes I can wear and wear ANYWHERE therefore solving both footwear traumas in one BINGO! Now to unveil the beauties.........

Excuse the flash it is late now we are home but I could not wait until tomorrow to blog them!!

Also a real plus is that they came in this box....

The design goes all around the edge. So I can see hinges going on this and a real project coming on - so it ticked the craft box too!!! Does it get any better???

I mentioned in my last post that May the knitted bunny would be soon getting a little boyfriend. Well Bayley has been released in Made By Ewes shop and is an absolute cutie. Could I wait to knit him? Of course not so an order was immediately placed and wool chosen from the wonderful Jamiesons range, which promptly arrived on Saturday morning and is totally snuggable.

Of course being me there are all blues and greens, well apart from the bunny fur colours!

Also over Easter I worked on some more furniture for Birchwood. So that I can paint it all in one go. Again excuse the flash photography it has been a miserably dark and rainy day today!

These are the two tier display tables.

The tote for stashing fabric in.

The sales counter.

The Butterfly stool.

The table mirror.

The wardrobe for the bedroom.

The beautiful bedside cabinet.

The little round table.

A teeny tiny stool.

Phew I think that's everything for now. Off to the farm again tomorrow with friends and my lad so it should be fun and lamb cuddles all around!


Lizzie P said...

You busy girl! Love the shoes!!!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Your new cartoon shoes (I know exactly what you mean! A bit like the shoes the Mr Men wear) are fantastic! I love them and covet them too... shame you've got tiny feet! ;-)

Box is very nice indeed... which shop did you get them from?

Wool looks yum! And can't wait to see progress on Birchwood soon!!

J xx

Made By Ewe said...

Love those shoes and can't wait to see your Bayley! x

Sandra from Sydney said...

Love the shoes, and the box is certainly a mini waiting to happen. It's also great to see your progress on Birchwood! I am hoping to finish mine as June's UFO, so I can start on Percy's Timeshare. You are fitting a lot into your busy life. Hugs, Sandie (at present returning home from holidays - see blog for details)