Wednesday, 18 April 2012

First Grandduck

Yesterday morning our first duck egg hatched. Dudley became a momma duck. Bonnie and I became Duck Grandmas! Bonnies Silkie hen has been sitting on them seeing as Dudley just doesn't know what the eggs are for!

Here is the first of what I am sure will be many photos.

The weather here has been so mixed, hail followed by bright sunshine followed by snow and then rain. But we had to pull the car over to photograph this beautiful rainbow.

Lambing is almost over and so far at Brough Lea Farm there has been 52 lambs every single one of them as gorgeous as you can imagine. I will no doubt be posting a lot more lamb pics but for now here is one of Lucky. She is the sheep whose fleece I am spinning at the moment. She has had two wonderful little boys and is being the most fabulous mum to them.

I am getting very excited about Wonder Wool Wales which is a week and a half away now and there are five of us packing up and going for a long weekend of woolly wonder!


Maria said...

Congrets on your little ducky, i love the photo's of the rainbow and the lam.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Congratulations on the hatching of your new duckling! Is he/she going to be called 'Diddly' as he/she's Dudley's baby? :D

That rainbow is lovely, I took a pic of one too, last Thurs evening (12th April)will put on Flickr, like yours it looks radiant against the dark sky.

J xx