Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bayley Bunny

The latest pattern I have had from Made By Ewe is Bayley the Gardener Bunny. He is just gorgeous and I have really enjoyed knitting him, all his clothes and of course his basket of carrots. He is knitted in Jamiesons Wool which is one of my absolute favourites yarns - beautiful to knit with and the colours are just wonderful.

The carrots are knitted with the left overs from Frasers Fleece!

The sun came unexpectedly out so Bayley threw off his waistcoat and decided to walk off all those carrots.

I just love the way his little ears curl!

 Phew he might have to take off his neckerchief!

Here is a catch up of the ducklings! They are growing at quite a rate. We think the yellow one is going to be an Aylesbury. Dudley having refused to sit on these eggs has now felt the call and has made a nest and is sitting on ten eggs!!! I am so proud of her.

Wonder Wool was fun but rather overwhelming! I truly did not know where to start - so many things to look at, so much colour.

There were not as many sheep as I thought there would be, but I was glad to see there were some Badger Faced sheep as I have just been given a fleece from this breed and I wanted to see what they looked like.

There were some very sweet little Shetland sheep there too.

But my favourite by far was the Gotland sheep. It was just gorgeous I could quite happily have taken this one home with me. It was on the Well Manor Farm stall and I have to say it was also my favourite stall. Their wool was just gorgeous. I remembered that the last Bunny kit I got from Made By Ewe was made up from wool from this farm.

 I decided to buy some fleece from them a bag in the natural grey and a bag in a grey/blue colour, it was part Gotland lambs wool too so incredibly soft!

I saw some familiar faces there too......

Here is my stash back at the B&B! Of course I had taken Heather the sheep with me (she is by far the best behaved of the flock!). The round bundles of fleece are Kerry Hill and came from Rosewood Farm which was a wonderful stall with such friendly people.

The crochet you can see was some handspun wool I bought on the 1st day and then (using the enormous crochet hook I had also bought!) crocheted a scarf to wear the next day as it was so unbelievably cold!

Now for some spinning.......


Made By Ewe said...

wow, looks like you bought all of Wonderwool! I love Bayley in those colours and the ducklings are so cute too.
Have fun with all that spinning
L x

The Pin Factory said...

Oh I so wish I could have bought all the fleece at wonderwool! ahhh sigh a lifetime of spinning! As to Bayleys colours it would appear that try as I might I just cannot get away from blue and green :-) Claire x

Highland Monkey's said...

OOhhh all that wool, which to pick. I think one of each would do for a start!