Monday, 6 August 2012

Garden Invader

Who is this peering over my garden wall ????

Could it be obstreperous fox????

Time to smell the roses!

Climb some trees.

Smell more flowers.

Roll in afore mentioned flowers.

After all that foxy galloping about time to collapse and sleep it off in a tree.

I knitted this foxy fella from Ella Austins pattern in the free pattern booklet that came with Knit Now magazine that was celebrating British wools. I had bought the magazine for Linda Regels Bunny patterns, which are soon to be on my needles. My little fox is knitted in Debbie Fishers North Yorkshire wool - all British and all naturally dyed. the pattern is called Intrepid fox but as with everything in our house my husband has re-named my version and he now answers to Obstreperous Fox !


Lizzie P said...

So cute! Love the colours!

English Tilly said...

Wow! Obstreperous Fox is quite a character. Looks like he's been up to mischief in the garden. The rabbits'll have to watch out.

Total admiration for your Fairisle knitting skills!!