Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hectors House

We have a new pet in our house to join the many ranks of the rapidly increasing zoo that is known as Victoria Cottage. It was an unexpected addition, we only went to the lizard store to pick up some tasty crickets for Pippin our Leopard Gecko, but it was love at first site and I rapidly realised that life without a Red Eyed Tree Frog was just unimaginable! He is the most amazing creature. His colour will change before your very eyes, one minute really dark green the next a vivid acid green with electric blue and yellow stripes down his side. His eye lids are designed to look like his eyes are open and then he opens his eyes and the huge popping red eyes are just amazing. When trying to pick which of the many, many photos I took to use to introduce him it was impossible so just like Obstreperous fox I have just uploaded the lot! 

So introducing Hector, the Red Eyed Tree Frog!

He clings to the rock face at the back of his Froggerie (yes I have just made that up!) with his amazing sucker toes.

Really dark green here.

This photo is not very focussed but I just love the pose - quite typical for Hector.

Sneaking through the leafy vines.

Back to dark green again!

 When he sleeps he curls his feet completely up underneath himself and just sticks to the glass.

Fast asleep and his eye-like eyelids closed! 

Another unfocussed photo but one of the few that you can see the bright electric blue colour.

Exhausted after a good clamber around the vines.

Starting to wake up.

 Awake and ready to play again.

It will never cease to surprise me when his red eyes pop out so far.

It is so hard to sleep knowing that there is a little frog playing - I have got up in the middle of every night so far to watch him swinging around and playing.

I am sure that there is going to be a lot more photographs to come!

I still have to post the photos of the various projects that I did whilst on holiday and also photos of my Japanese indigo quilt that is well on its way. The other thing that I have been working on the last two days is the 48th scale version of the house of Betsy Ross from In Some Small Way which I am really enjoying working on.

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Lizzie P said...

Very YOU! I remember your first little rabbit that machine-gunned the room with little pellets of joy when you came in from work. I think it was your little demo that burned it on my brain - v funny!How's your tree frog impersonation coming along?