Monday, 3 September 2012

British Wool Weekend

I have been happily knitting an elephant out of my friend Margies yarn. It is from her flock and has been mill spun. It is DIVINE to knit with! This elephant though was sadly not for keeping it was for display on Peak Yarn and Fibres stall at British Wool Weekend in Harrogate. So I just had to photograph him before setting off. Now I am pining and may just have to buy some of her yarn in order to knit another!

I was so excited about going for the weekend not only was I helping out Margie but I was manning a stand with Ashford spinning wheels and looms from Heirs and Graces which is the shop I work in one day a week.  It was just the most brilliant weekend. I have met some truly fabulous people and mixed with some of my heroes of the yarn world such as Sue Blacker (wow you have to see her new book) and Erika Knight - could it get any better? Here are some photos from our epic adventure....

 Margie on the stall

Made By Ewes kits were also for sale. My flock were more than happy to be models for the weekend but I had to whip up some fences to pen them in to keep them from wandering off and trying to join all the wonderful real sheep (had to whisper that did not want to offend them)! Erika Knight actually picked my sheep up - I mean she actually has handled my knitting!!! Phew I was rather awe struck, she was so in love with them she bought some of Lindas kits!

This is the Heirs and Graces part of the stall with some of Margies hand spun Art Yarns hanging above.

All the fleece and yarn on the Peak Yarns and Fibres stall has come from her wonderful flock of girls! They are all mules (Blue Faced Leicester and Swaledale X) oh and how proud we are of you girls!

In fact hey girls see your photos on the left hand side of the stall wall - you are pin ups!

Oh is that elephant I can see perched up high there??? If you want a kit to knit your own you can get one by emailing Margie. Trust me he is a total delight!

A close up just because personally I can't see enough of the fella - can you tell I am missing him??

Family shot! Farmer Chris and Rio came to help their mum Margie on Sunday afternoon.

Oh Herdy now what are you doing????

That is not a pea green boat and you can't sail away in it! It is a beautiful yarn bowl from Willo Alpacas that Margie gave me - how totally gorgeous is that and I will forever look at it and remember my amazing adventure with Peak Yarns and Fibres! Thank you so much for having me Margie! Please can I come again next year?

Today was supposed to spent wool free and putting my feet up but no! I have spent it drying the fleece I dyed last week and washing a Jacob fleece! Some fabulous colours coming out of the pot!

Of course there has to be lots and lots of green!

I have been doing lots of building on a small scale too so when I have drawn breath there will be photos of that to follow!

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Sandie said...

LOVE your elephant - do you ever get him back again? And the flock of sheep are of course really sweet - I think I've commented on them before. Glad to hear that you have been building, looking forward to seeing some photos soon. Hugs, Sandie