Thursday, 13 September 2012

Indigo Roll

A quick post about my latest quilt. I usually hand piece my quilts which is why they take YEARS and I really do mean YEARS! But this one I just decided to whip up on the machine! I bought a Jelly Roll of indigo Japanese fabrics from Patchwork Direct at a ridiculously reasonable price and decided to make a cosy quilt for curling up under this winter. So seeing as the cold weather feels like it is already on the way I made haste!

So in hardly any time at all I went from this....... this!!!!!

I loved watching it pegged up in the sunshine fluttering about in the wind. There are so many different prints on the indigo fabrics ranging from rabbits to Japanese ladies with lots of owls on the way!

Now for the quilting - always the bit I dread! Gulp!

1 comment:

Lizzie P said...

Love it - I do like those indigo prints teamed with the red. Well done! Just back online after a month without my computer - so nice to catch up!