Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mae's Flower Stall

Judith at In Some Small Way (where I get the majority of my miniatures) sent me this wonderful little stall as a present , I couldn't wait to start it. So all the half done projects got pushed to one side and the stall was immediately opened. In fact it was so late in the day that all the initial photographs that I took of the building process have turned out far too dark to share! So you will have to take it from where I had got to the next morning.

This stall is Mae's Flower Stall and is one of a series of darling little market stalls less than two inches square. Judith is releasing one stall a month which is such a fabulous idea as I just love knowing there is a little something on its way.

Here is the basic stall structure (minus roof) with the distressed paintwork.

Just to give you an idea of scale.

There is even a side shelf so it is attractive to look at from all angles.

All the artwork comes in the kit and is just lovely. I particularly like the squirrel sign.

The roof is on and the pots of flowers are in place just the tree to go.

I love the tiny seed packets on the counter.

I was absolutely dreading the wisteria tree, I don't have a very good track record with trees, but it turned out far better than I thought it would and I am now finished and extremely pleased with the little stall.

The first stall in Judith's club is in November and it is a Pumpkin stall, it just looks gorgeous and I can't wait to  make those fat orange pumkins. Then in December it is Happy Holidays with lots of Christmas things and January is Snow Business with plenty of snowmen and glitter. Just what I need to brighten the Autumn and Winter months and take the edge off the fast receding Summer!

Lastly I thought I would show you that I have finished painting the bricks on Betsy Ross. It was a task and a half and there were a few moments when I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew but I persevered. Now it needs ageing, a process I am putting off rather in case it messes up my bricks - gulp!

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OMG, that stand is just too cute!