Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Sheep and more on Betsy Ross

The needles have been clicking again and two more sheep have joined the flock on the mantelpiece. Firstly there is the little Jacob sheep. He is knitted from pure Jacob wool of course.

 He is the first sheep to have horns and has such a comical little face he makes me laugh!

 Even better still when you take his spotted fleece off he has a striped body to match his striped legs! I cannot tell you how much fun he was to knit let alone how much he is making me laugh now he is finished. I have learnt several new techniques as I seem to do with all of Lindas sheep from Made By Ewe.

Then I finally completed April who has been waiting for her stuffing for quite sometime! She has just the prettiest yellow springtime fleece - just what you need to brighten the autumnal feel in the weather.

Then onto miniatures and I have been ageing the brickwork on Betsy Ross. I have used the stain pen as suggested by Debbie Young in the instructions. Here is the before and after pictures so you can see how much better the aged brick (on the left ) looks. I know that the bricks look really badly painted but trust me this is a seriously enlarged close up!

Now for two quick flashes of other projects in the pipeline! 

Firstly is a blackwork scene I am working on and I have completed the first tree top.

Lastly is a bit of fair-isle knitting that is another new kit from Made By Ewe hmm now what can it be???

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