Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Secret Halloween

A while ago my friend Joey and I had a day making the Halloween Secret Books from Robin Betterley. This year we have had a fun day building the furniture to go inside.Wonderful details and just a great deal of fun.

Even a knife to carve the pumpkins!

I love the monster cabinet.

That is the first of the Secret Book series that I have fully completed. Now to place it on the bookshelf and start another.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya! It was lovely to make up the kit, and finally I have glued in all the furniture after it all went on the kitchen floor... TWICE! Showed it to Janine & Mathew's mum and they loved it! :D Can't wait for the others now!
J xxx

The Pin Factory said...

Glad you liked it and I can't wait for another secret book play day too! Did you notice that I left out the hysterical photo of your pumpkin next to my dreadful first attempt of a lego head through sheer shame and embarrassment? Claire xx