Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Thimble Purse

This morning I have finished the embroidery on the Thimble purse that I started back in November. I am so totally over the moon with it. My first cross stitch on 40 count linen using one strand of Gentle Arts threads. The pattern was wonderful to work, the threads were a dream to use and the linen just feels divine! I am actually almost sad that it is over. 

Just to give you an idea of scale here it is next to a ten pence piece!

Now for the tough bit where I actually have to cut it out and make it into the tiny purse that is on the front cover of the pattern. This is such a gorgeous project to work on it makes me want to rush out and get the next pattern and make another one - but I guess there is a limit to how many thimble holders you can justify and I have already set my heart on making the beautiful thimble holder in this months issue of Inspirations magazine by Carolyn Pearce.


Lizzie P said...

Very cute! Well done! These tiny things take ages. Am working on a sampler using 1 thread - think I'll be gone before it's finished! xx

The Pin Factory said...

Hey Lizzie! Thanks and yes 'ages' is the right word but such enjoyable ages don't you think?? Can't wait to see yours! hugs
Claire x