Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Two Seasons in One Day

I like to work on projects that are right for the season, but I have had a little pumpkin stall waiting to be done since October and have been promising myself an autumn craft day where I could work on the pumpkin stall and also an acorn pin cushion, but that never actually happened and here we are it's winter! So I decided that I would pretend it was autumn this morning and then move onto winter this afternoon. You will have to excuse the photographs as the light today is non-existant.

Here is the little pumpkin stall so far.....

 It is still in need of pumpkins and a roof!

I then moved onto the Happy Holidays stall which felt far more in keeping with the present spirit. There is lots and lots of artwork to decorate with. It is now waiting for all the Christmas ornaments for the front and of course a roof and the compulsory glitter!

These are from Judiths shop In Some Small Way and are kits designed by Suzanne and Andrew. They are great fun and perfect practise for playing with paint effects. I need to crack on and get these two finished before the winter snowman stall arrives this month!

Hmm now when can I fit in that acorn pin cushion???


Ruth Ramaekers said...

Great little Autumn stall. Maybe Hang the accorn pincushion from the side as a decoration ?

The Pin Factory said...

Hi Ruth. The stalls are really rather tiny and the pincushion will be bigger than both stalls put together, but hmm maybe some tiny acorns for the pumpkin stall - lovely idea!
Claire x