Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sheep Everywhere!

In January I started work on a wonderful little embroidery called Warm Winter Woolens by Little House Needleworks. In England we spell it Woollens so if it looks strange that is why! It is a pattern I bought a while back from Patchwork Rabbit and was just waiting for the right moment to start it. All the Christmas stitching was out of the way and there was snow on the ground so it seemed perfect. I had a piece of 32 count vintage sand dune linen that I had bought for something else that I did not get around to starting and it seemed just perfect for this project. The threads are all Crescent Colours, beautifully variegated.

Here is a close up of the sheep so you can see the variation in the colour of the thread used for its little black face. I love that it looks like a Moorit Shetland sheep and the fair-isle jumper it is wearing is just like a Shetland design. 

The delicate vines around the edges are just so sweet and frame the design wonderfully. I am so pleased with how it has turned out. Now I just need to think how to frame it. On the front of the pattern it is framed in a candle screen which is just right.

 Having enjoyed stitching that little fella so much I had a look on Patchwork Rabbit to see if there were some more sheepy embroideries. I had the most wonderful surprise. Karla was just starting a sheep a month club. Can you believe that??? Every month you get a new pattern with the linen and a button and some wool fabric to make it into an ornament (no framing worries there then!). So of course I signed up and eagerly awaited my first sheep! It is a mystery series by Little House Needleworks called Little Sheep Virtues, so you don't know what the next sheep is like until it arrives - so there is something wonderful to look forward to every month this year! Of course I started stitching the minute it arrived and have just finished the embroidery today.

The button is so sweet!

So there you go my first embroidered sheep of the year and there will be many more to join them!


Lizzie P said...

Very cute, Claire! Reminds me of days cross-stitching together with Vashti & Jo. Remember vashti saying 'Cross stitch is the answer to everything'? Happy days! V & I planning a trip to you when clocks go back!

The Pin Factory said...

oh yes yes Lizzie P awww sigh that was a lovely time! Oh to be stitching together again - would LOVE LOVE LOVE you both to come over xx