Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter but Not Yet Spring!

 Spring is always my favourite season and so I tend to look forward to Easter. But I have to say this Easter has not felt quite right this year. The snow has been the worst we have had in quite some time - no chance of egg rolling. But I persevered with Easter crafts and made embroidered eggs. The pattern is from Patchwork Rabbit and is done on 40 count linen.
E is for Easter  

R is for Rabbit

S is for Spring

Also Lambing is going on all around us and we managed to get up to Brough Lea Farm to see how Margie and her family were getting on. Here is the first lamb! Totally adorable and so happy to be cuddled.

Then I went a bit 'off season' and made an acorn pincushion. Which I love to bits. I have had this kit for so many years I can't even remember where it came from. It is made from weeks dye works boiled wool felt and stuffed with wool roving.

The last craft thing I have been upto is weaving on an Inklette Loom. I got this one from The Compleat Knit where I am signed up to do a class on using it in a months time. But I couldn't resist having a go. It took a little while to work out how to warp it but once the penny had dropped it was a breeze. Starting with nice easy stripes!

I just love the way this loom looks warped up - not even taking the weaving of the braids into account - I just love it as it is!

 First braid done and finished within a few hours of starting!

 The tension and edges need a little work.

What better way to improve than warp it straight up again and have another go! This time I have been pulling the weft a lot tighter. This time with some springy bright colours in the hope to make it feel like Spring!

Then seeing as the view outside the window is not very spring like I regressed back into winter projects!

I have recently finished reading The Snow Child, which was a wonderfully magical book especially when surrounded by so much snow. It reminded me of the gorgeous Westfalenstoffe fabrics that are in the patchwork shop and so I have been cutting squares ready for a new quilt!

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