Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Little Eastery Things

First Easter mini is another little stall. This one is Eggstravaganza and sells Easter Eggs of course. the stall in the instructions is pale pastel green but Spring is so late this year that I felt in need of a bit of spring zing!

Here it is with all its wares.

My second Easter mini is another one of Robin Betterleys Secret Books. I was supposed to be making this one with a friend but they did not make it today afterall and having got everything out to start I couldn't wait.  This one is called Bunny Tails. The beds upstairs in the nursery have carrots for bed posts how sweet is that.

I am just putting the finishing touches to the rest of the furniture. Those tiny Easter Eggs need to be painted yet, to make a wonderful little egg decorating scene in the kitchen.

This is how tiny the chairs are - here is one on a two pence piece!

Here is the bedroom rug, so much detail and yet so small!

Lastly I have started on the second Little Sheep Virtues cross stitch pattern. This is the one a month club from Patchwork Rabbit. The first one was Hope and this one will be Love and it is such a totally sweet design, not that you can tell yet!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get to finish the furniture for Bunny Tails and post the photos.

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