Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Real Size Furniture

I was oh so lucky a few weeks ago to spot a fabulous chest in a skip of all places. So having asked the owners if it was ok I pulled it out and dragged it home, thankfully it is on wheels. Unfortunately I was so excited to set too with it that I forgot to take a 'before' shot so you will have to imagine thick and very dark varnish. It has at some point been used as a horse for sawing wood on, as there were a number of deep cuts in the top. I rounded these off with some sand paper and then slapped on a coat of blue paint from Annie Sloans range. Clive then waxed over that (after he added several extra coats as he is more of a perfectionist than I am!) and hey presto the most wonderful chest! It is now in our bedroom chock full of yarn and fleece!

 Inside the chest is a built in lidded compartment on the left which is just THE perfect size for knitting needles and my umbrella swift (for winding skeins of yarn!). You can't see it so clearly here as it is in shadow.

 I picked out my favourite scrap book papers and collaged the insides.

 I just love the effect.

Now all those papers that I never want to use because I want to keep them whole and nice I can see peeking out each time I get some yarn!

 It looks perfect with my handwoven piece of twill I did the year before on my four shaft loom, and the fabulous yellow lamp my mother-in-law found in her attic for me.

I have been working on finishing my Xmas House. It would have been totally completed today had I not found that my Snow Writer had totally dried up and was unusable! Oh the irony seeing as there was tonnes of the real stuff falling outside the window. Anyway here are the latest photos without snow.

Firstly the distressed table with the 'glass drawer knobs'.

Here is a full view with chimneys, icicles, topiaries and front steps in place.

A close up of the icicles.

 Lastly a side view.

But no snow!!!!


Tantie said...

Can imagine what the chest looked lie in the before stage.
Love, love the Secret Christmas House and am anxious to get going on mine. To bad about the snow writer.

Ali said...

Love the colour you have chosen for the chest lovely and fresh and what a neat idea to line the inside with scrap paper. Youve done an amazing job with your little Secret Christmas house wish I time for minis at the moment until I do though Iam going to enjoy looking at others work instead!

Tantie said...

Just started my Christmas secret house tonight. Working slow as I am back on the oxy's so sleep far to much.