Monday, 3 February 2014

Secret Christmas House

Over Christmas and through January I have been working on Robin Betterleys Secret Christmas House. It is 144th scale. The artwork is, as always with the Betterleys, just divine. 

Here is the house and the table, which I distressed today.

This is how the secret insides open up.

The left hand side.

The right hand side.

You have to look closely here at the artwork of the greenery over the windows.

This is with the greenery added over the artwork to make it more textured and three dimensional. Also I have filled the window boxes. There is supposed to be red in the greenery over the windows and the door but I ended up picking it out as I prefer it all green.

 Here is a close up of the greenery, it is chopped up bunka in two different greens.

I did then go on to finish and add the chimneys and the topiary trees either side of the front door, but my camera battery packed in at that point so those pictures will have to wait. I have also added the glitter to the icicles which will hang along the roof edge and at the same time somehow covered myself and the carpet!

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