Monday, 30 December 2013

New Camera and Blogging Again!

I have not been able to blog for over 5 months because my beloved camera broke. I have been totally lost without it. Not only have I not been able to photograph my projects during the making but I have missed being able to take all the lovely family photographs and scenery. But hurray for Santa Claus, (and wonderful husbands disguised as the pets!!!) as I now have a fabulous new camera in my eager little paws.

My only dilemma now is where to start photographing as I have created so much since I last blogged. Anyway I decided that as good a place as any is my Gnome Home as I loved every single minute I spent working on this project and it turned out even better than anticipated. It is a kit from the talented Sue Herber.

I love the fact that it is topped with real moss so it feels like it is built under ground.

Inside it is a cheerful yellow that does not fail to make you smile, just like the little Gnome heads up on the wall on the top floor!

Here is the Gnomes pet cricket in his cage (unfortunately I cannot now photograph the little fella himself as I cannot get the camera in far enough but trust me he is a sweetie)! You can also see the well in the back corner with the bucket ready to go.

Upstairs there is also a lovely blanket chest with folk art designs on it. Throughout the Gnome home are beautiful rugs.

Downstairs (well down ladder really!) there is the stove, a rack of candles on the wall, a cuckoo clock, a plate rack, table and chairs and in the back right corner a bed that pulls out of the wall.

What Gnome would be found without a stack of logs and a basket of kindling waiting to stoke the stove.

Here you can see the plate rack clearer. 

I have to say I am rather pleased with my first attempt to use my new camera. Hmmm now what to photograph next ...........

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