Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bit of a Change Around

My craft table has previously been covered with a red, brown and orange patchwork cloth and with a red lamp. But before Christmas my husband bought me a fab little funky blue lamp. Then on Valentines day a massive treat arrived in the shape of the worlds funkiest chest of drawers ever to be imagined! We don't normally do presents on valentines so this was a huge surprise. It has taken pride of place next to my craft table and has been filled with all my wonderful yet to do projects. Obviously I needed to change the patchwork on my craft table to tone in with the new lamp and drawers. 

The drawers weigh a tonne and getting them up the stairs was quite a feet, especially as we have spirally stairs. The main part is in distressed, mat, grey metal. The drawers are thick wood that looks like driftwood and has very distressed patches of blue and turquoise paint.

The model of the Sea Shanty looks perfect on top.

On the windowsill is the little wardian case my boys gave me for my birthday last year.

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