Sunday, 22 March 2009

Painting Backgrounds

I have been learning from Lenna Andrews about painting backgrounds onto canvas. It is so much fun. We have used various techniques and I have to say I am really pleased with all of them. I painted them all on canvas board using Golden fluid acrylic paints. Here are some photos.

This was done by sprinkling salt onto the paint whilst it was wet. It was supposed to be coarse salt which I didn't have and I guess that would give a larger speckle but I rather like the subtlety that the finer grains give.

This was done by sprinkling baking powder onto the wet paint. It gives a really rough texture that doesn't show up so well in the photo but is incredibly effective.

This was done by scrunching up cling film and placing it onto the wet paint and leaving it until it dried. Although I loved the effect the cling film gave, I wasn't very keen on the way I could see the edges of where I had brushed the paint on with a foam brush its a bit too angular so I had another go.

This is the 2nd attempt with the cling film and I am far happier with it. The colours have blended together better. I love this background so much.

This next technique was to add tissue paper with gel medium. Some plain and some patterned. I didn't have any patterned tissue so I decided to stamp on the tissue before adding it to the canvas. On this 1st attempt I felt that the stamped images were far too strong for a background but I love the way the paint has turned out over the tissue paper.

This 2nd attempt with tissue paper is my absolute favourite out of all of them. Again I stamped on the tissue before adding it but then layered more tissue over the top of that. This has made the stamped images recede into the background.

I cannot wait to start collaging on top of these backgrounds. Lenna is a truly wonderful teacher and a very creative person. I have learnt huge amounts from her over the last few years, varying from fabric books, quilties, journals, stamped and painted fabric and now this. If you ever get the chance to join one of her classes you should jump at the chance and never look back!

It has been a good week for surprise parcels too. I recieved my FQ swap from Pam in the Fabric in Altered Art group. It was full of wonderful bits.

Thanks Pam I can't wait to use this.

I also had a parcel from Kathie, who I know from the Fabric in Altered Art group. She was very kindly sending me a variety of backings that yo can get in the US for me to try. When the parcel arrived it was full of surprise goodies and the funniest fabric strip I have ever seen. Again I cannot wait to use the things she has sent.

Thanks Kathie!

This will have to be one for over the bathroom mirror - or perhaps on the fridge!!

I have also been working on my dresses for the 'Dress Garland' swap that I'm in with (again) the Fabric in Altered Art Group. So far I have just made the basic dresses.

The basic dresses made from cardboard with scrapbook paper on top and on the back. I will now decorate these with fabric and other bits and bobs! There are 5 for the swap, 1 to keep (of course) and 1 specially made to send to Kathie.


MiniKat said...

Those backgrounds are gorgeous! I especially like the ones with the stamped images. Very impressive. :-)

Lenna Andrews said...

You have done a wonderful job exploring the paint techniques! I am so glad you had a chance to play with them. I like everything you did! Thanks so much for your kind words, too.

: ) Lenna