Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Having a little holiday!

I am just posting to say that I won't be checking the blog for the next week as we are having a little holiday. Hopefully I will manage to take some interesting photos to share when we get back. I also will be posting my photos of the Jane Harrop Settle that I have finished and the Lavender basket. I know that Ruth has finished her theatre too so hopefully she will send me some photos of that to show you.
In the meantime here is a photo of the little buildings that I have made whilst taking Elliot to his pottery class at Hope Valley College. Its not a particularly good picture as I have done it on the scanner - the camera is packed! The green building in the top left corner is on its side as its actually has a little porch. Elliot has really enjoyed his pottery classes and is hoping to go back next term and I have to say I have really enjoyed messing about too with a medium I haven't tried before. There is quite clearly room for improvement!!!!!
Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire! Your little buildings are lovely! They're so cute! It'd be nice to see them in person.... ;-)

Joey xx