Sunday, 5 April 2009

Necklace Workshop

Yesterday I went on a Craft Candy workshop taught by Celia from Jencel . We made this necklace it is 40" long. We learnt how to use round nose pliers to create the loops, how to cut the chain to length and how to use jump rings. I now can't wait to make more! I chose the black chain and three different colours of bead as I couldn't decide which to go for. The results I think are great and now I can't stop wearing it.

Craft Candy are hoping to run a different workshop every month at Eccleshall Library in Sheffield, the details will be on the website shortly if anyone wants to book one .

I have also been very busy with the Lydia Pickett furniture. As well as having finished 'The Clock that Told Thyme' and the fireplace, I have started the cupboard bed and the artist studio.

A glimpse of the fire place through the portico.

Here you can see the frame that I put above the fireplace framing the ship that is on the wallpaper. Also the model boat that I have made for the mantelpiece.

Here you can see the fireplace from the kitchen side of the house.

This is the grandfather clock. It is in the kitchen at the moment but it will probably be in the dining room when its all finished.

This is the model boat from the mantelpiece next to a two pence piece to give you an idea of scale.

This the cupboard bed. It needs painting and then the bedding will have to be added.

This is the Artists Studio. It will go on the balcony over the lounge, with the window peeping through.

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Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Claire!
The necklace looks fab, very smart and professional job! No wonder you can't stop wearing it! :D

Look at the little house! Don't you just wish you could shrink down like Mrs Pepperpot so you can enjoy it full size?!

Oh and thank you for sponsoring me! :D
Joey xx